Welcome to The Moon Of Liberty


Hello and welcome to a blog that will cover my interests, politics including elections and opinion polling as well as my analysis of what is going on (I warn those on the left in advance, I am a right-wing libertarian.) It will also cover sport, film reviews, The Eurovision Song Contest (You know you love it) and anything else that grabs my interest. For those who care, I am Kevin from Nottingham in the UK (Robin Hood and all that)/ I also have various branding for each area I will write about.

The Moon Of Liberty – is the anchor name for the site, and for general political posts.

WAP (Winning At Politics) – This is for polling and elections and anything to do with the numbers to try and get a handle on who is winning at politics.

Silverscreen Projections – This will be used for film reviews and related issues, like the run up to the award seasons which are an interest of mine.

The Elitist – This for general sport, not including football, or soccer if you prefer.

The Elitist’s Echo – This is specifically for football or soccer, watch up for the Kopite and Toffee Lady celebrating or not when Liverpool or Everton play.

The Logan Factor – For anything Eurovision, named after the legendary Johnny Logan, who holds almost every record for winning the contest more than anyone else.

Miscellaneous Musing – For anything else I want to write about.

So I hope you enjoy.

Best Regards

Kevin Alcock


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