Labour leadership – All the momentum is with Corbyn (Believe it or not)


Earlier in the Labour leadership race it appeared the man who is still the bookies favourite, Andy Burnham, despite know very left-wing leanings, had got a grasp on what Labour needed. He was going out of his way to shed his image as the left-wing candidate. All that has changed since the introduction of Jeremy Corbyn, a Marxist extremist who supports UK nuclear disarmament, wants cuts in defence spending, opposes austerity and all welfare cuts and has called for a North Korean style ‘Planned economy.’ Unless you are of an incredibly left-wing disposition, he may be the most dangerous leadership candidate to ever run for the leadership of a major political party in Britain.

This has not deterred the Labour movement. Every union so far declared is backing Corbyn, Corbyn is almost level with Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper in constituency associations backing him, while moderate Liz Kendall trails a long way behind. Corbyn just being there has moved the debate onto territory that a credible party should not even be discussing. Burnham is in panic that Corbyn could actually win. He has come out against the benefit cap and reduction of tax credits to two children only announced by Chancellor George Osbourne in the budget. This puts him at odds with acting leader Harriett Harman who has supported these measures and has accused Burnham of learning nothing from the election. Yvette Cooper has also now said she agrees with Burnham as well. Only Kendall takes the opposite view.

Burnham has also called a stir today by saying he will refuse to do interviews with The Sun newspaper if he wins. Burnham was heavily involved in the exposure of the Hillsborough disaster scandal where 96 Liverpool fans were killed and the Sun falsely accused the fans of causing it. The city of Liverpool boycotts The Sun as a result even to this day. For them that is fine, for Burnham it is a problem as The Sun is still the biggest read newspaper in the country and it is widely accepted Sun readers need to be won back if Labour are to challenge for power again. A none co-operation strategy from Burnham will not help him do that. This was always going to be an issue, upset those in Liverpool he worked with, or make the call that could damage the Labour Party in the long run.

With increasing union affiliates signing up to vote in the contest, this will favour Jeremy Corbyn. Can Corbyn pull off the upset? His opponents appear to think so. For me Kendall is the only credible Labour candidate, it is also clear she will not win. Cooper and Burnham would tack left and onto Ed Miliband territory in the end that failed, Corbyn is just dangerous, but almost certainly could not win a General Election. Harman and Kendall are showing Labour the door towards a brighter future and a new start, all signs are however, Labour are desperate to march the other way.


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