Political Round-Up, Foxes, Greece and Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘Friends’


Fox Hunting vote dropped

David Cameron has dropped a vote where some Tory MP’s wanted to relax the Hunting Act of 2004 to allow more dogs to be used to look for, chase and kill a fox. Currently the law allows you to use 2 dogs if you are going out to intentionally hunt in order to kill a fox. The change would have allowed up to eleven to be used. The vote was stopped after the SNP decided they would vote against the change even though the change has no effect in Scotland. I support the position the SNP took, as the current law in my view does not ban fox hunting as some on the left, and even some who oppose Fox hunting on the right) lazily claim, but is a fair balance between outlawing the more cruel elements of the hunt and kill, while still allowing the practice to continue.

What the SNP decision has also done however is add fuel to the ‘English Votes For English laws’ argument given the Scottish parliament will get more powers. I believe this needs to come in as soon as possible, but disagree with the Government’s tentative new powers for the Scottish Parliament, they should get full fiscal autonomy. The position the SNP took is constitutionally indefensible, although in order to wind up their own supporters ahead of the next Scottish parliament elections, maybe that was the point.

EU try and force the UK contribute £1bn for Greece

EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker has further insulted Britain by trying to disregard a written agreement David Cameron got from Eurozone leaders that Britain would not be exposed to Eurozone bailouts. He is trying to force through an emergency fund which would try and force Britain to pay £1bn into the fun. The decision would be based on qualified majority voting to Britain does not have a veto. This is another decision David Cameron could do without as he tries to convince Britain to remain in the European Union and shows yet again the EU leadership have nothing but utter contempt for agreements already reached some would say in line with the Greek agreement itself.

Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘friends’ in Hamas and Hezbollah

Jeremy Corbyn, the extreme Labour leadership contender, was put under pressure in a Channel 4 interview by Krishnan Guru Murthy as the host asked Corbyn about his remarks talking about ‘friends’ in Hamas and Hezbollah, two terror groups. This is the man who has called for a North Korean ‘Planned Economy.’ Corbyn lost the plot in the interview and his reputation as the quietly spoken candidate collapsed as he began shouting at the host for asking him these questions. BBC interviewer Andrew Neil has also confirmed Corbyn has backed out of a one to one interview planned with him. Given Neil is considered a tougher interviewer than Murthy, perhaps this shows why.


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