Local Elections 16th July 2015


A range of by elections in England and Wales led to a good night for the Liberal Democrats and newly elected Tim Farron on Thursday, his party gained two seats with a strong hold in a London marginal to boot and showed the Lib Dem fightback he spoke of may just be slowly underway. The Tories made a gain from UKIP in Norfolk


Rush Green (Tendring) UKIP 338 Con 290 Lab 213 Ind 36UKIP hold – Swing (From May 2015) UKIP-Con 6.4%

Prestatyn East (Denbeighshire) Con 528 Lab 373 Ind 76 Plaid 60Con Hold – Swing (from May 2012) Lab-Con 2.3%

Gorleston ST Andews (Norfolk) Con 876 Lab 773 UKIP 285 LD 66 Green 51Con Hold – Swing (From May 2013) Lab-Con 6.7% (Ukip down 22.8%)

Mile Cross (Norfolk) Lab 749 Con 279 Green 209 UKIP 148 LD 62Lab Hold – Swing (From May 2013) Lab-Con 0.7%

Llay (Wrexham)  LD 700 Lab 353 Ind 124 Con 64 UKIP 60 Ind 41LD GAIN from Lab – NO LD Candidate last time no swing n/a

Grove (Kingston Upon Thames) LD 1577 Con 688 Lab 223 Green 88 UKIP 58LD Hold – Swing (From May 2014) Con-LD 10.7% (Con down 4.8% Lab down 14.1%)

Battle Town (Rother) LD 751 Con 342 UKIP 107 Lab 100LD GAIN from Con – Swing (From  May 2015) Con-LD 11.3%

Greystoke & Hesket (Cumbria) Con 635 LD 518Con Hold – No LD candidate last time so swing n/a

National projected share based on the last 20 local by elections

Con 34.6% Lab 32.2% LD 15.7% UKIP 10.1% Green 3.6%


On the projected share the Liberal Democrats are ahead of UKIP for the first time in this parliament. UKIP are struggling, as are Labour who are barely showing any signs of progress, especially in contests against the Conservatives. The Conservatives are doing OK but it is the Liberal Democrats who, after their drubbing in May, are using the local by electiosn to show signs of new life, this will give early cheer to their new leader.


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