PMQ’s – Corbyn throws it away


Prime Minister Questions’ 21/10/2015 12.00 pm at The House Of Commons, The Palace of Westminster

Today Jeremy Corbyn had victory in his grasp. he began on tax credits and he should have stayed there. He had David Cameron squirming, desperately talking about tax cuts and a living wage, unable to deny that some, perhaps many working people would be worse off however noble the cause. Corbyn even read out an effective question from one of his email crowd, pointing out Cameron had made a ‘solemn’ promise not to cut tax credits before the election. it was all looking so good for Jeremy.

For a few moments maybe this was the week Corbyn delivered a sustained blow that would last for the whole six questions. A performance to cheer even his critics on his own side. This was the first real punch that had landed on the Prime Minister since Corbyn became leader. With Cameron on the ropes would Corbyn build and then go for the kill, er no, he decided to change the subject.

Corbyn then moved to the steel industry and recent plant closures and redundancies. No doubt a series issue, but it allowed Cameron to fight back. It allowed him to set out things he was doing to try and help. Cameron then landed a blow setting out his plans on helping businesses with energy costs pointing out Labour were against these measures. He was also able to contrast his record in regard to steel production and employment in the industry that was favourable to Labour’s record. Corbyn had let Cameron off the hook with a lacklustre performance himself on this issue and despite in theory having many lines to go at, failing to do so.

So with Cameron having battled back Corbyn had one final question and called it wrong. He went back to his comfort zone, calling for the UK to comply with a UN inquiry into disability abuses. The inquiry is an irrelevance and it’s finding done with varying unpleasant political agendas written all over it will rightly be ignored by the Government. Corbyn backing it is a nonsense. Again Cameron set out positive record on disability. He chose not to attack the UN which he would have been justified in doing, but he knows the report produced by a committee full of nations with awful human rights and disability rights records. will have no impact anyway. Corbyn choosing to align himself with such a report is a reminder of the sort of unsavoury measure or group he likes to back. Today he was winning and if he had stuck to tax credits could have stuck it to the PM, he lost ground on steel, and threw it all away with his final call, typical of his poor judgement again and again..

Moon Of Liberty VerdictDavid Cameron 3 Jeremy Corbyn 2 – In football parlance this would be a comeback from 2-0 to win due to the opponents atrocious decision making at key points.


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