Polls – Com Res & BMG


Communicate Research and BMG have released their November polls. The two tell a slightly different story driven mainly by the respective Midlands results. Com Res saw a big swing to the Tories in the Midlands in line with other polling, BMG did not and as a result the projected Tory majority is a good deal lower. Both polls do agree though that we may be starting to see the SNP come off their historic highs, although they are still well ahead in Scotland.

The two polls while telling slightly different stories, do however continue the trend that every poll since May has projected an increased Tory majority. Com Res is currently the highest projected majority of all the pollsters, BMG the lowest, but all point to the Tories looking at making gains not losses as the position currently stands.


Communicate Research Р24/11/2015

Voting Intention

Con 40% Lab 29% UKIP 11% LD 8% Green 4%

Regional seat projection

Con 372 Lab 201 LD 9 SNP 47 Plaid Cymru 3 UKIP 1 Green 1 Northern Ireland 18Con Majority 94

BMG Research 22/11/2015

Voting Intention

Con 37% Lab 30% UKIP 15% LD 7% Green 4%

Regional Seat Projection

Con 341 Lab 228 LD 9 SNP 49 Plaid Cymru 3 UKIP 1 Green 1 Northern Ireland 18 – Con Majority 32


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