PMQ’s – 16th December 2015



The final PMQ’s before Christmas saw the return of David Cameron verses Jeremy Corbyn after two weeks grace, firstly due to the Syria debate and last week as Cameron was at the Climate Conference in France. Last week Labour had a rare good outing as Angela Eagle stood in to take on George Osborne, the return of the leaders led to the return of the more traditional result.

As Corbyn rose to ask his first question, Tom Watson giggled away as the Tory benches cheered. Corbyn started badly, managing to stumble over his words when simply wishing every one merry Christmas to hoots of derision and he never came close to recovering. He then went on to ask about the NHS, and could Cameron be certain there will be no winter crisis? Cameron ignored that point not surprisingly, then went on the stats, more operations, more doctors, more nurses, and of course, putting more money in due to having a strong economy, which Labour would not.

As Corbyn ploughed on slowly, with pre-prepared lines including data which Cameron’s answers contradicted, it was clear he was lost with no plan B. He asked about transparency, Cameron retorted these figures were not even published before he came to office and allowing Cameron to go on to accuse him of ignoring the unemployment figures suggesting Corbyn does not care about people in work, in line with his economic policies in general.

Corbyn’s only good line was a tenuous link to Cameron’s letter to his Oxford council complaining about cuts a few weeks ago, describing him as part of ‘Oxford’s anti-austerity movment.’ He then want on to waffle about another NHS point which Cameron easily swept aside, again accusing Corbyn of not caring about the unemployment figures or the strong economy that fuunds the NHS, that he says Labour opposed. Challenged with this, Corbyn decided to finally sink to asking ‘question from Abby.’ and the outsourcing of questions that has failed so miserably again and again as if he had nothing more to say himself. The question was long winded and set Cameron up for a final flourish about his record on the NHS and on the economy with this usual list on jobs, employment etc, highlighting lots of Labour’s weaknesses in the process. All too easy for Cameron who easily gets the better of Corbyn yet again. Will Corbyn ever win a PMQ’s? Maybe not.

MOON OF LIBERTY VERDICT – (Out of 5) David Cameron 4 Jeremy Corbyn 1 – Far too easy again for Cameron, I still have not given Corbyn a single win at PMQ’s, he could be the worst leader ever at doing this. It’s becoming embarrassing



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