Moon Of Liberty 2015 Random Awards



Man of the year – Lynton Crosby – The brilliant Australian mastermind behind the Conservatives unlikely election victory, for me, he totally deserves his knighthood.

Woman of the year – Jessica Ennis-Hill – Wins the World Heptathlon title 18 months after having a baby. Now I’ve never had a baby, but I doubt it does much for your fitness. Incredible.

Team of the year – Helen Glover and Heather Stanning – The rowing duo win another world title and another full year unbeaten. These two just march on and on, hopefully to a second consecutive Gold in Rio.

Inspirational figure of the year – Laura Bassett – The lady whose cruel luck saw her desperate attempt to block Japan’s counter attack in the last minute of the Women’s World Cup Semi-Final loop off her foot and from 25 yards hit the bar and bounce over the line. She came back three days later to put in an outstanding performance in the third place match to aid a clean sheet and a win over European Champions Germany.

Moment of the year – 12.23 am on Friday 8th May when the pro Tory swing figures in Swindon came through on ITV, and that along with other information I had at the time via Twitter, was the moment I knew the Conservatives had won the General Election

Film of the Year – The Theory of Everything – The brilliant story of Stephen Hawking’s early life with superb performances from Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. Stunning.

Achievement of the year – Great Britain winning the Davis Cup – Some would say Andy Murray winning the Davis Cup, although one or two other players did contribute. Victory in the World Cup of Tennis for the first time since the 1920’s, an outstanding achievement.

Upset of the year – Jeremy Corbyn becoming Labour leader, neither Tyson Fury winning the World Heaveyweight Title, nor Holly Holm’s win over Ronda Rousey in the UFC, both stunning upsets in their own way, come close to Mr Corbyn.

See-Saw of the year – Jose Mourinho – He won the league, and got sacked, quite a years work for the ‘Special One’

Interview of the year – Jose Mourinho – Him again and his hilariously famous ‘Nothing to say’ interview after defeat to Liverpool.

TV Comedy of the year – Car Share – Peter Kay’s brilliant comedy about two people sat in a car. Who would have thought it would work.

TV Newcomer of the year – Sian Gibson in Car Share, an old friend of Peter Kay’s who had worked with him in the background for years, becoming the star, a fantastic story.

Robbery of the year – Kellie Bright – Was easily the best dancer by the end of Strictly Come Dancing, this usually wins you the title, this year, it didn’t.

Turnaround of the year – Vicky Pattison – I knew nothing about her when she arrived in the jungle, but apparently her reputation was pretty dreadful due to her stint on Geordie Shore. By the end, Britian loved her and made her Queen of the Jungle.

TV Moment of the year – Ferne McCann – She ate a spider, enough said.

Worst Quiz answer of the year – Gemma – We don’t know her surname, but she stated that the person assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald was JR on Pointless. Classic.


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