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10% Tory lead in first released poll of 2016

The first poll of 2016 has been released although the fieldwork appears to have been done before Christmas and as a result the full regional breakdowns are unavailable. The poll piles on more bad news for Jeremy Corbyn and good news for David Cameron giving the Conservatives a headline lead of 10%. UKIP retain a creditable score of 17% and the Liberal Democrats are stuck on 6%.

The poll also asked who is the best party for various topics. The Tories led on the economy, law and order, taxation, unemployment and education. Labour kept a lead on the NHS and Housing, UKIP were ahead on immigration which shows both the main parties need to be careful how they discuss this issue, dismissing UKIP’s arguments are not going to win over the public, however tempting this may seem.

As there is no regional breakdown I have not done a seat projection for this poll, As a result the current Moon of Liberty Average seat projection of all polls remains at a projected Tory majority of 68 as it currently stands.



Yougov Poll released 04/01/2016, Fieldwork 16-17 December 2015

UK Voting Intention – Con 39% Lab 29% UKIP 17% LD 6% Green 3%


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