Moon Boxing – World Championship Boxing



WBC Strawweight World Title

Menayothin wins fourth defence after early scare

Wanheng Menayothin survived a shaky early couple of round before turning matters around in his fourth defence of his title against Japan’s Go Odaira in Thailand.Odaira started the better controlling the first two round with his awkward southpaw stance. He has the champion in trouble in the second rocking Menayothin’s head back concerning the home crowd.

The key came in the third however as the Champion scored a flash knockdown that turned the fight right around. Odaira was caught with a right hand as he was trying to turn off the ropes, having his balance undone and going down to the canvass. After that Menayothin went for the finish and Odaira barely survived the third.

The Champion easily took round 4 and the end came in round five. A left-right uppercut combination sent Odaira down again and the referee Raymond Chang did not even give Odaira a count, after three rounds of being given a beating Change stopped the fight there and then.

This was Odaira’s second failure to take a world title  after failing back in 2014. Menayothin will probably continue to defend the title in Thailand, which makes unification fights unlikely given the spread of nations that have World Champions in this division.




World Championship Boxing (red=Champ, Blue=Challenger/Contender, Yellow=New Champ)

WBC Strawweight Title – At The City Hall Ground, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Wanheng Menayothin (Thailand) Beat Go Adairi (Japan) by TKO in round 5

Still WBC Strawweight Champion of the World ….. Wanheng Menayothin (Thailand)



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