Moon Of Liberty Politics – PMQ’s


Prime Minister’s Questions 20/07/2016

It was one shot after another as Jeremy Corbyn tried to keep on the move covering a number of subject only to be hit again and again by Theresa May on her debut performance as Prime Minister at PMQ’s. John Glen (Con Salisbury) opened welcoming May and then going straight for the Trident issue. May wasted no time in getting her digs in at Corbyn before he had even stood up, thanking the 140 Labour MP’s for backing Trident.

Corbyn began asking about Orgreave, there was an ugent question on that later said May, but hoped she would be having exchanges with Corbyn “For many years to come.” Corbyn then moved to housing scoring an own goal by quoting home ownership figures from 1997 to today, allowing May to easily blame the 13 years of Labour Government for the failure. Corbyn attacked the Government’s starter home policy, and then tried to have a go at new Foreign Secretary Boris Jonson with some of his comments and how they contrasted from May’s comment that Blacks are treated more harshly in the criminal justice system.

On the starter homes policy may cleverly contrasted the house prices of Liverpool and London and how, being against the policy being a London MP, he was stopping his own constituents from getting on the housing ladder. She ignored the Johnson point and pointed out this is why she did something about stop and search policy as Home Secretary by contrast “13 years of Labour, they did nothing on it.”

Corbyn after failing on Orgreave and housing moved to the economy to complain about austerity. May hot back again.”he calls it austerity, I call it living within our means.” With the Tory benches cheering the best was yet to come from May. Corbyn unwisely moved on to insecure jobs, it allowed May to point out today’s falling unemployment figures and then had some with at Labour’s expense describing “A boss who doesn’t listen to his workers, requires his workers to double their workload and a boss who exploits the rules to further his career, remind him of anybody?” Ouch.

Corbyn meekly made reference to foodbanks in his final question but Corbyn had lost the house and lost the battle. May finished the exchange with one final line  “The Labour Party may be about to spend several months tearing itself apart, the Conservative Party will spend those months bringing it back together.” Later in the session Jamie Reed (Lab Copeland) reinforced the point by thanking the PM for reading the Labour policy on Trident, something that rarely happens from the frontbench dispatch box these days. New PM, same old story, far too easy as Corbyn fails yet again.

MOON OF LIBERTY VERDICTTheresa May 4 Jeremy Corbyn 0




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