Moon Of Liberty Polling – Yougov



Yougov before today were the only pollster to give Jeremy Corbyn a voting Intention lead. However YouGov have gone from Labour’s best to their worst position based on today’s figures. YouGov give the Conservatives an 11% lead over Labour, the largest lead of any poll in this parliament. The three polls since Theresa May was appointed as PM have seen Tory leads of 6%,10% and now 11%. May’s honeymoon period is in full swing as Labour are about to enter another leadership contest.This specific poll’s seat projection would give the Tories a majority of 82.

The UKIP share has also fallen, this has not been seen in the other polls so far.The appointment of Theresa May has had little effect in Scotland on the SNP who continue to poll at around 50% of the Scottish samples.The YouGov poll means the poll of polls seat projection is a Tory majority of 40. The full figures are available here


YouGov Poll 20/07/2016

Voting Intention

Con 40% Lab 29% UKIP 12% LD 9% Green 3% – Con lead 11%

Regional Seat Projection

Con 366 Lab 197 LD 9 SNP 56 Plaid Cymru 3 UKIP 1 Green 1 Northern Ireland 18

Con majority 82


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