Moon of Liberty Polling – Opinium



Opinium – Con lead by 6

Opinium have released a new poll for the Observer. Unfortunately there are no regional details to do a seat projection but this has no impact as there are not currently seat projection figures for Opinium as it stands in any case. The headline figure sees the Conservatives increase their lead over Labour from 5% to 6%. UKIP are down 2% in line with some other polling and evidence in local by elections that UKIP have fallen off since the brexit vote. the poll gives the Lib Dems just 6%, their lowest position yet. The change pushes the Conservatives lead on the poll of polls u from 4.6% to 4.7%, as there is no information to do a seat projection, the overall poll of polls seat projection remains unchanged at a Con majority of 40. all the latest figures can be found here



Opinium 23/07/2016

Voting Intention – Con 37% Lab 31% UKIP 15% LD 66 Green 3% – Con lead 6%


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