Moon Of Liberty Boxing – WBO Bantamweight Title in Thailand


World Championship Boxing

Sor Singyu v Tapales – WBO Bantamweight Title in Thailand

Marlon Tapales of the Philippines became the new WBO Bantamweight champion after surviving two knockdowns in round 5 to fight back and defeat Champion Pungluang Sor Singyu of Thailand.He turned it around with a knockdown of his own in the six and took control, dominating round 10 and eventually taking Sor Singyu out in round 11. Tapales had complained in the run up to the fight that his team had been left without transportation at times by the Thai promotion adding to the away win feeling. He is the fourth world Champion from the Philippines at the present time.

Full Report (The Ring)



BOXING (Red=Champ, Blue=Challenger, Yellow=New Champ)

WBO Bantamweight TitleAt Ayutthaya, Thailand

Marlon Tapales (Philippines) Beat Pungluang Sor Singyu (Thailand) by KO in Round 11

AND THE NEW WBO Bantamweight Champion … Marlon Tapales (Philippines)


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