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Hinkley Point-less delay

This was the week confirmation was supposed to go through that the nuclear power station was to get the go ahead. Indeed the confirmation from EDF did come, the French company did indeed confirm they wanted to go ahead, the deal also required a £6bn investment from China General Nuclear Power Corporation. Apparently the Chinese involvement has spooked Theresa May who had delayed the final decision to review the plans. Given this is a project on which there has already been considerable dithering, surely there has been plenty of time to do this. The technology s being provided by the French company thus the concerns over Chinese intentions seem bewildering.

Contrast this with the speed with which the HS2 project was backed, a multi billion investment to allow someone to get from London to Manchester 20-40 minutes quicker in 20 years time, a need rather less important that Britain’s energy security. In addition it does not engender good will towards France at a time when good relations could be key to a post Brexit deal. The delay is a pointless waste of time, the project needs the go ahead soon, and hopefully this dithering is not going to become a trait of Theresa May’s Government.

The Dishonour list

David Cameron’s resignation did him much credit, but his final honours recommendations have not done his legacy any service. All 48 names on this list he has submitted were supporters of the remain campaign in the Referendum, ignoring many loyal supporters who were on the other side to him who have served the nation well during his time in office. That is not to say none of them deserve their nominations, but Cameron’s biggest weakness was always his comfort for the cosy clubs and an element vindictiveness for those who were on the outside and this list is indicative of just that. He has rewarded those who joined his cosy club during the Remain campaign, to keep his place in the ultimate cosy club, the European Union.

The most sickening call of all is the suggestion Will Straw, the leader of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign who actively encouraged campaigners to abuse the death of Jo Cox for political gain in smearing opponents, is apparently to become a CBE. The Moon Of Liberty supports the honours system as a part of our constitution, but those who oppose it will legitimately feel their case has been strengthened by this abuse the system to reward his Dave’s cosy club rather than honours for those who have worked in the national interest as it should be. As for Will Straw, the Moon Of Liberty hopes a way is found to put a stop to that particular insult to democracy given his shameful and disgusting behaviour during the Referendum.


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