Moon Of Liberty Elections – Local by Elections 11/08/2016



Local By Elections 11/08

There were three by elections this weekend and in normal circumstances the two in Scotland would have been more excellent news for the SNP and bad news for Labour. The SNP were ahead on first preferences in both with good swings against Labour, while the Conservatives, not competitive in either, continued their improvement in Scotland with an average 8% improvement over the two. However in the North Ayrshire election due to the Single Transferable vote system, Labour overtook the SNP to score a rare gain in Scotland after six rounds in which neither party got over 50%. In contrast the Renfrewshire by elections was a Gain for the SNP, so in terms of victories it is one gain and one loss each. There was one other contest in Worcestershire which was a good result for the Conservatives as the UKIP vote collapsed allowing the Lib Dems into a distant second place.

The results mean the Conservative lead over Labour increases to 5.3% based on local by elections. The Lib Dems dip under 20% due to some weaker showing in Scotland and UKIP are down to 7.4%. All the latest numbers, both national and local can be found here. The breakdown of this weeks by elections is below.




Local Council By Elections 11/08/2016

Irvine West (N Ayrshire) 1st pref – SNP 1164 Lab 1029 Con 693 Soc Lab 131 Green 94 LD 38 – 1st Pref Swing (May 2012) Lab-SNP 3.7% LAB GAIN FROM SNP on round 6 of STV, overtaking the SNP 1st Pref lead.

Renfrew South & Gollowhill (Renfrewshire) 1st pref – SNP 1309 Lab 1012 Con 366 LD 53SNP GAIN FROM LAB – 1st Pref swing (May 2012) Lab-SNP 7.7%

Ormbersley (Worcestershire) – Con 956 LD 224 UKIP 212 Ind 120Con Hold – Swing (May 2013) UKIP-Con 17.2% – LD 3rd-2nd UKIP 2nd-3rd


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