Moon Of Liberty Editorial Comment



Team GB at the Olympics is the best health strategy

The Olympics is not yet finished, but it is already Britain’s most successful away games, and there is still an outside chance we could match the 29 gold medals won at London. The success coincides with the unveiling of the Government’s ‘Obesity strategy.’ The fact we have such a thing is testament to the very worst of our NHS and the idea the State should be responsible for everything to do with health in this country.The Government have not giving the health groups everything they wanted especially on their advertising demands and should be commended for not capitulating everything. The reality is the Olympics are part of the best health strategy, encouraging more to play sport and those who become good, will voluntarily take on board other issues like diet, discipline and hard work in order to become better. Sport is a better health strategy than a sugar tax or advertising restrictions, encouraging self responsibility. So congratulations to those winning medals, who are doing more for the health of Britain than Government and the noisy, ghastly nanny state health crowd ever will.

The National Lottery achieves

In 1997 John Major’s Government with Virginia Bottomley as Culture, Media & Sport Secretary set up the National Lottery. This was in the aftermath of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics where, had it not been for the brilliance of Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent. Britain would have come home with zero gold medals. A large part of the lottery was to ensure this never happened again. Four Olympics later we have had four of our most successful Olympics since the early days in the early 1900’s. The National Lottery through Sport UK has delivered, yes of course the Athletes have too but those politicians who, at that time on the point of losing power, had the vision to set up something for the long term, should be applauded too.

Team EU?

A Pro European Union group have created their own medal table showing ‘Team EU’ top of the medal table by adding up the medals won by EU countries, including Britain (We are, sadly, still a member right now.) This has raised the temperature of some on the Leave side of the argument. The right response is to laugh, it is trivial, and we all know many Pro-EU types don’t have much of a sense of humour. The sinister side pf this also shows however they are serious about forcing the EU together as one as the Leave side argued throughout the Referendum which the Remain side, wrongly, dismissed.. More proof we were 100% right to vote to leave this dangerous entity. 


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