Moon Of Liberty Polling – Scottish Independence




Scots still reject Independence by a 7% margin

A new BMG poll for the Scottish Herald shows that if Nicola Sturgeon went a head with a 2nd Referendum on Independence from the UK, at present Scotland would again reject the proposal. The No lead has been reduced from 8% to 7% in the new poll with support for Independence at 40% and opposition at 47%. Without don’t knows this would be a 53.5% to 46.5% victory for the no campaign, slightly less than the 55-45 split in the 2014 Referendum, but still a clear margin. It appears at present, Scotland voting heavily to remain in the EU has not been a catalyst for the Independence movement, despite the fact the SNP still dominate the Scottish political scene.

Details (BMG Research)




BMG Scottish Independence Poll (04/01/2017*) 

Yes to Independence 40% No to Independence 47%

(*Date of release, not the date of the fieldwork which was before the new year)



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