Moon Of Liberty News & Politics – News digest – 7th January 2017 part 3


News & Politics digest – 7th January @ 9pm

Spectator Comment – Matthew Parris on the Streetlight revolution in the UK nobody is talking about

Daily Express – Two black holes found in nearby galaxies

Sky News – Snow sweeps across Europe causing deaths and travel chaos

ABC News – US Consular officer shot in Mexico

Huffington Post – Donald Trump blames Democrats for being hacked

Daily Mail – Saudi King steps in to pay for operation of cajoined twins

Mezo News – German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel says EU break up is no longer unthinkable

Telegraph Comment – Asa Bennett argues Jeremy Corbyn is too weak to lead but too strong to remove

The Guardian – RMT walk out of talks attempted at averting London tube strike

New Statesman comment – Tim Wigmore on why Britain is better than it was 20 years ago, despite current doom and gloom





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