Moon Of Liberty News & Politics – News Digest


News Digest – 08th Jan 2017 at 4.45 pm

CBC News Canada – Conservative leadership hopeful Kelly Leitch wants immigrats to pay to take a Canadian values test

Telegraph – Theresa my unveils her ‘Shared Society’ vision

NBC News – Vice President Joe Biden signs ceremonial desk to mark end of tenure

Shetnews – Police call for information on creepy Clown causing problems in the Shetlands

Huffington Post – Kentucky Republicans pass ‘right to work’ law in blow to Labor Unions

Reuters – Iraqi forces reach bank of the Tigris in the battle for Mosul

Sky News – Theresa May refuses to define Brexit in Sophy Ridge interview

Bloomberg – House Democrats in the wilderness as Trump area begins

Politics Home – Unite General Secreatry Len McClusky loses key unite group in re-election battle

Independent Comment – May uses lot’s of words and yet says nothing at all – John Rentoul



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