Moon Of Liberty Elections – by elections 12th Jan 2017


Local by Elections 12 Jan 2017

Lib Dems kick off the year with two big gains

The Liberal Democrats were the big winners from the first set of local council by elections on 2017. They scored a spectacular victory in Sunderland where they only got 4% of the vote back in May to gain what looked a safe Labour seat with a swing of 37.4%. They also made a gain from the Conservative’s in Three Rivers. This was less of a shock as the Tory Councillor being replaced had won in 2015 and this multi member ward had been won by the Liberal Democrats in 2016, so the gain was not as much of a surprise, but will add to their momentum and it also gives them overall control of Three Rivers Council. The wins take the Lib Dem projected share for local by elections above 21% and if these trends continue they may overtake Labour before too long All the current numbers for polling and by elections can be found here. The results for this weeks by elections in full are below.




Local by elections 12/01

Sandhill (Sunderland)LD 824 Lab 458 UKIP 343 Con 184 Green 23LD GAIN FROM LABSwing (May 2016) Lab-LD 35.7%

Gade Valley (Three Rivers)LD 626 Con 196 Lab 119 UKIP 45 Green 18LD GAIN FROM CONSwing (May 2016) Con-LD 2,7%

Projected national UK share (Based on the last 20 local by elections fought by each party)

Con 35.3% Lab 26.9% LD 21.8% UKIP 8.1% SNP 4.4% Green 1.5% – Con lead 8.4%



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