Moon Of Liberty Snooker – Coral Shoot Out


Snooker – Coral Shoot Out

Coral Shoot Out Final – McGill v Goudong


Scot McGill is king of the shoot out

The annual 10 minute shoot out tournament yet again produced a surprise winner and showed no respect for usual reputations. Former world finalist Andy Hicks and former World Champion Shaun Murphy were dispatched in the semi final to ensure a final between Anthony McGill of Scotland and Xiao Goudong of China. The match lasts 10 minutes with a shot clock to ensure speedy play with whomever had the most points when the time runs out declared the winner.

In the final Goudong got in first but could only score 15. He then missed a red which allowed McGill in to make a break of 59 that ultimately gave him the title. The final few minutes saw McGill playing excellent safety to ensure Goudong could not score any more points allowing McGill to claim the trophy. This is now classed as a ranking tournament, it is McGill’s first, indeed this is the first time he has won more than one match in a tournament. For Goudong this was his second shoot out final, but he has come up short on both occasions.

Report (




Snooker Results

Coral Shoot Out At The Watford Colosseum, Watford (1 Frame shoot out)

Semi Finals

Xiao Goudong (China) 73Andy Hicks (England) 0

Anthony McGill (Scotland) 64Shaun Murphy (England) 41


Xiao Goudong (China) 19Anthony McGill (Scotland) 67




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