Hello and welcome to The Moon Of Liberty,  I am Kevin from Nottingham in the UK (Robin Hood and all that). I am a right leaning Libertarian sympathetic to the UK Conservative Party so you have been warned about the biases in this blog.This blog will primarily be a news & sport based blog, including political poll & elections, including local council by elections that take place most Thursday’s. I also have various sections for each area I will write about.

The Moon Of Liberty – is the anchor name for the site, and for general political posts, opinion pieces and news digests.

Reflections of the Moon – This is the editorial section, or more smply put, my opinions on things going on.

WAP (Winning At Politics) – This is for polling and elections and anything to do with the numbers to try and get a handle on who is winning at politics

The Elitist – This for general sport, not including football, or soccer if you prefer. and also sport news digests

The Elitist’s Echo – This is specifically for football or soccer updates. Concentrating on following 13 specific teams. See the Moon Soccer 13 page for more details.

Misc Musings – For anything I choose to randomly write about that does not fit the above categories

I hope to add a specific film review section & there may be some Eueovision (I am a fan) thrown in at some point too but I want to concentrate on news & sport for the time being. Welcome and I hope you enjoy reading.



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