Moon Soccer 13


The Moon Soccer 13 are the 13 teams The Moon Of Liberty will be covering regularly. This does not mean I won’t cover other big games as and when appropriate, but I will be concentrating on these 13 teams in particular. This covers 6 teams from in and around the Merseyside area (Where much of my family originates), 5 teams from the East Midlands area (Where I live and was brought up) and one from Wales (Newport where I have briefly lived) and Queen Of The South (Who have been my completely random Scottish team forever for no particular reason than I like the name when I was younger). Therefore the moon soccer 13 consist of:-

Liverpool, Everton, Tranmere Rovers, Southport, Chester City, Blackpool, Leicester City, Nottingham Forest, Derby County, Mansfield Town, Notts County, Newport County & Queen Of The South

Also look out for happy or sad Kopite or Toffee Lady depending on the result (or drawing a sword for a draw, very random I know). In time I hope to add more characters to more of these teams along the way.




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