Moon Soccer 13


The Moon Soccer 13 are the 13 teams The Moon Of Liberty will be covering regularly. Their progress will be covered by the Elitist’s Echo arm of the blog (A tribute to the old Liverpool Football Echo they used to produce on Saturday Evening whenever I went to visit my Grandmother up that way as a child, which was specifically for the football)

This does not mean I won’t cover other big games as and when appropriate, but I will be concentrating on these 13 teams in particular. This covers 6 teams from in and around the Merseyside area (Where much of my family originates), 5 teams from the East Midlands area (Where I live and was brought up) and one from Wales (Newport where I have briefly lived) and Queen Of The South (Who have been my completely random Scottish team forever for no particular reason than I like the name when I was younger). Therefore the moon soccer 13 consist of:-

Liverpool, Everton, Tranmere Rovers, Southport, Chester City, Blackpool, Leicester City, Nottingham Forest, Derby County, Mansfield Town, Notts County, Newport County & Queen Of The South

Also look out for the images representing each team – The Kopite, The Toffeelady, The Leicester Fox. The Southport Sandcastle, The Chester seal, The Tangerine, Rover the dog, The Tricky Tree, The Derby Sheep, The Mansfield Stag, The Magpie, The Orange Dragon & The Queen of the South, looking suitable happy or sad, depending on the result.





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