Moon of Liberty Newsround


Moon Of Liberty Newsround – on 07th August at 11.05 pm

The Times – Momentum activists take over Chris Leslie’s constituency of Nottingham East

CBS News – Trump defends national security adviser McMaster after calls for his sacking

NBC News – Piano that survived the Holocaust to be an exhibit in Israel museum

Moon of Liberty Opinion/Editorial – Energy markets and the Trump Administration – Kevin Alcock

NBC News – Vladimir Putin poses for the cameras while fishing on vacation

Spectator Opinion – Why Amber Rudd will likely get Ruth Davidson’s endorsement for any future Tory leadership contest – James Forsyth

Daily Telegraph – Kenya fears return to bloodshed with upcoming election

Sky News – Biggest earthquake in 30 years hits the Scottish Highlands

BBC News – Irish PM wants no barriers to free trade post Brexit

BBC News – North and South Korea to open talks

BBC News – National Trust U-Turn over LBGT badges

Moon Of Liberty/Winning at Politics – Local by elections round-up on a good night for Labour at UKIP’s expense

The Hill – FBI monitored social media on election day for fake news from Russia

Daily Mirror – Labour MP Chris Williamson rejects case to sanction Venezuela and attacks the US ‘shady record

Antisemitism UK – Labour selects by election candidate who has tweeted antismetic content

Conservative Home opinion – Being the workers party means being the party of low taxes – Rob Halfon MP

ABC News – John McCain says he believes he will be ready to go back to work in September

The Independent – Grand Jury set up to investigate president Trump’s links to Russia

Irish Times – Lobbyist says Republicans and Democrats need to work together if they want US immigration reform

The Australian – Australian Senator Hatch vows to block any same sex marriage referendum attempt



Moon Of Liberty Newsround – News Digest


News Digest – 12th January 2017 @ 10.40 pm

New Statesman Comment – Jeremy Corbyn’s internal critics have a perfect diagnosis, but no cure – Stephen Bush

Telegraph – George Soros loses £1 billion betting against Trump

Daily Express – ISIS warlord confirmed dead in President Obama’s final kill

Telegraph – Professor Silver who made complaint against Amber Rudd’s conference speech, admits he has not even heard it

Reuters – Marine Le Pen seen at Trump Towers

BBC News – Visa free residency for Cubans in the US to end

Fox News – Amazons sees rapid growth, plans 100,000 new US jobs

RTE News – President Obama awards Vice-President Joe Biden the US Medal Of Freedom in surprise ceromony

Bloomberg – Donald Trump hires another executive from Goldman Sachs



Moon Of Liberty Politics – Editorial


PM May’s impressive start

New Prime Minister Theresa May has made an impressive start to her Prime Ministerial career. Overall her Cabinet appointments were smart. The trio of Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis did much to reassure any doubt around Brexit. Setting up a department for International Trade also sent a clear signal, as no such department would be credible if we were not actually going to leave the EU. Phillip Hammond as Chancellor was smart as the markets will want a safe pair of hands. The appointments of Amber Rudd, Justine Greening, Liz Truss and Priti Patel, as well as the role for leadership Rivals Andrea Leadsom are all welcome.  The departures from the Government of George Osbourne, Michael Gove and Anna Soubry were deserved given their behaviour in recent times. I am sad to see Theresa Villiers and John Whittingdale go, but the overall the re-shuffle gets the thumbs up. May has also been impressive in her meetings with Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel, and also had time to wipe the floor with Jeremy Corbyn at PMQ’s  A strong start The Moon Of Liberty hopes will very much continue.

Labour’s woes continue

Something rather suggests that Labour MP’s did not resign on mass from the Shadow Cabinet and then give Jeremy Corbyn a vote of no confidence to emerge with a contest where the challenger is little know MP for Pontyprydd Owen Smith. Smith’s announcements so far include not ruling out a second Referendum on the deal, although I am unsure if he knows what this means or is aware an alternative of remaining in the EU on current terms is not an option by that point.He also want to re introduce a 50% tax rate which brings in less money for the treasury. So the alternative does not look good, it’s unlikely it will matter though as Corbyn is still likely to win again. What happens then is anybodies guess. Even in the unlikely event of Owen Smith winning however, the Tories must be confident they could beat him easily as policy wise he is confused in some areas and not much different from Corbyn anyway on the current evidence. The Moon Of Liberty will not back either man, and hopes neither ever become Prime Minister.

Trump heads left – The Moon Of Liberty endorses Johnson

Donald Trump is now officially the Republican nominee for President. He did not the the dream convention however, primary Rival Ted Cruz refuued to endorse him and his own speech moved him to the left. It is clear he is against free trade by suggesting he will want to re-negotiate the USA’s role in NAFTA and has refused to confirm he will continue Nato’s promise to protect all NATO’s members. He also still wants Mexico to pay for a wall. It’s clear a Trump America will be a more isolationist America, in stark contrast to the vision of the British people who voted to Leave the European Union in order to become an outward looking, global nation. I have long considered backing Trump as I have little time for the politics or personality of Hilary Clinton either. This speech puts that beyond the pale, many who but the media rhetoric will find this an odd thing to say, but Donald Trump is just too left wing for me. Therefore The Moon Of Liberty will be backing Gary Johnson, the Republican candidate despite the fact he has no realistic chance of winning.

Another attack in Munich – Time to end Free movement

Attacks appear to be coming common place in mainland Europe at the moment. There was Paris, Brussels , Nice and the rape attacks by Islamist extremists in Colonge which the German authorities disgracefully tried to cover up. Now we have a new attack in Munich, as I write it is still not confirmed if this is a far right group or another Islamist extreme group who carried this out. The pattern however is clear, they are feeding one off of another. Merkel did not help herself of course by encouraging Syrian migrants (of which many were not Syrian anyway) to come over and offer a virtual open door to Europe, the fact this has allowed Islamist extremists to enter Europe is beyond dispute and once in, the EU policies of free movement and open borders allows planning across boundaries to go on easily. The irony of course is this nonsense open door policy will be at the heart of the Brexit negotiation dispute. Let us hope by then the European political class will get the message and end this of their own accord. Border checks would make picking up suspicious activity and movements easier and may save some lives along the way. The European Union policies is a contributory factor to this problem, will they listen? If not, expect more to come if the EU continue to make it easy for the Terrorists to plan, and continue policies of destroying freedom that goes with the nation state, handing the anti-democratic, freedom hating ideology of both Islamic State and Far Right groups victories by default that will encourage them ever further.