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News Digest – 09 Jan 2017 @ 5.00 pm

NBC News – Chinese Government moves to tackle ‘masculinity’ crisis

Daily Express – Czech President warns Muslim Migrants are creating ‘No Go Zones’

The Independent – UN visits Myanmar among concerns of genocide

The Sun – Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad says peace talks could lead to his resignation

ITV News – Donald Trump v Meryl Streep in war of words after Golden Globes – US House Speaker Paul Ryan says Trump won ‘Fair and square’ despite Russian hacking claims

Daily Mail Comment – Meryl Streep’s attack on Donald Trump was hypocrisy and fuels America’s divisions – Piers Morgan

Conservative Home Comment – The dream of home ownership should be open to all – Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi

Sky News – Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuiness to resign

ITV News – Donald Trump praises car company Fiat Chrysler

ABC News – Manhunt underway regarding Fort Lauderdale shootings, Florida Governer Rick Scott speaks about the incident

Heat Street – Celebrities too sad to party at Golden Globes because of Donald Trump’s win

Bloomberg – Boris Johnson tries to woo Donald Trump regarding Brexit

BBC 5 Live – Martin Lewis on how to keep your financial New Year resolutions

Independent Comment – Greedy FIFA will do irreparable damage to the World Cup with 48 Team plan – Ian Herbs



Moon of Liberty News & Politics – News digest 07 Jan 2017


News Digest 07 Jan 2017 at 12.30 pm

Sky News – Michelle Obama makes her final speech as first lady

BBC News – Lord Heseltine fined for knocking cyclist off his bike

Sky News – Donald Trump hits out at ‘Political Witchhunt’ over Russian hacking

The Hill – Arnold Schwarzenegger hits back at Donald Trump after poor rating remark

Daily Telegraph – Shots fired at Fort Lauderdale airport, 5 now confirmed dead

Daily Express – Lord Fowler says the House of Lords will not sabotage Brexit

New Statesman – Could Ed Balls be Labour’s candidate in Copeland?

Business Insider – University of Cambridge academics refute Treasury’s Brexit figures as having ‘no basis in reality’

Newsweek – South Korea employ a ‘Twitter Officer’ to monitor Trump’s Twitter account

Newsweek – Norway will be the first to switch off FM Radio

NBC News – Despite objections, Trump’s victory is confirmed by Congress

Daily Telegraph – John Kerry blames British Parliament for inaction on Syria

Reuters – US ambassador to New Zealand says all envoys have been asked to quit in Inauguration Day

New York Times – CIA/FBI report accuses Vladimir Putin of directly ordering hacking campaign to help Trump

Daily Express – Alan Johnson tells BBC Any Questions free movement must end

Spectator comment – James Forsyth on what Theresa May must learn from David Cameron’s failed negotiation