Moon of Liberty Newsround


Moon Of Liberty Newsround – on 07th August at 11.05 pm

The Times – Momentum activists take over Chris Leslie’s constituency of Nottingham East

CBS News – Trump defends national security adviser McMaster after calls for his sacking

NBC News – Piano that survived the Holocaust to be an exhibit in Israel museum

Moon of Liberty Opinion/Editorial – Energy markets and the Trump Administration – Kevin Alcock

NBC News – Vladimir Putin poses for the cameras while fishing on vacation

Spectator Opinion – Why Amber Rudd will likely get Ruth Davidson’s endorsement for any future Tory leadership contest – James Forsyth

Daily Telegraph – Kenya fears return to bloodshed with upcoming election

Sky News – Biggest earthquake in 30 years hits the Scottish Highlands

BBC News – Irish PM wants no barriers to free trade post Brexit

BBC News – North and South Korea to open talks

BBC News – National Trust U-Turn over LBGT badges

Moon Of Liberty/Winning at Politics – Local by elections round-up on a good night for Labour at UKIP’s expense

The Hill – FBI monitored social media on election day for fake news from Russia

Daily Mirror – Labour MP Chris Williamson rejects case to sanction Venezuela and attacks the US ‘shady record

Antisemitism UK – Labour selects by election candidate who has tweeted antismetic content

Conservative Home opinion – Being the workers party means being the party of low taxes – Rob Halfon MP

ABC News – John McCain says he believes he will be ready to go back to work in September

The Independent – Grand Jury set up to investigate president Trump’s links to Russia

Irish Times – Lobbyist says Republicans and Democrats need to work together if they want US immigration reform

The Australian – Australian Senator Hatch vows to block any same sex marriage referendum attempt



Moon of Liberty News & Politics – News digest 07 Jan 2017


News Digest 07 Jan 2017 at 12.30 pm

Sky News – Michelle Obama makes her final speech as first lady

BBC News – Lord Heseltine fined for knocking cyclist off his bike

Sky News – Donald Trump hits out at ‘Political Witchhunt’ over Russian hacking

The Hill – Arnold Schwarzenegger hits back at Donald Trump after poor rating remark

Daily Telegraph – Shots fired at Fort Lauderdale airport, 5 now confirmed dead

Daily Express – Lord Fowler says the House of Lords will not sabotage Brexit

New Statesman – Could Ed Balls be Labour’s candidate in Copeland?

Business Insider – University of Cambridge academics refute Treasury’s Brexit figures as having ‘no basis in reality’

Newsweek – South Korea employ a ‘Twitter Officer’ to monitor Trump’s Twitter account

Newsweek – Norway will be the first to switch off FM Radio

NBC News – Despite objections, Trump’s victory is confirmed by Congress

Daily Telegraph – John Kerry blames British Parliament for inaction on Syria

Reuters – US ambassador to New Zealand says all envoys have been asked to quit in Inauguration Day

New York Times – CIA/FBI report accuses Vladimir Putin of directly ordering hacking campaign to help Trump

Daily Express – Alan Johnson tells BBC Any Questions free movement must end

Spectator comment – James Forsyth on what Theresa May must learn from David Cameron’s failed negotiation