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Order OrderKier Starmer revealed to be the DPP who decided to refuse allow 75 allegations of rape by now released John Warboys to move to prosecution.

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Jewish ChronicleSuspended Labour member to picket Labour Antisemitism disciplinary hearings.

Daily TelegraphEmily Thornberry refuses to condemn John McDonnell’s ‘Stain On Humanity’ remark about newly appointed DWP Secretary Esther McVey

GBC NewsGibraltar finance minister to attend Blockchain Conference in Miami

Daily Telegraph New wave of abuse and death threats aimed at Esther McVey

BBC NewsChris Williamson resigns from the Labour front bench after suggesting doubling council tax

ITV News Angela Merkel faces make or break coalition talks in attempt to form a German Government



Moon Politics – PMQ’s 27th Jan 2016 – Corbyn googles tax



Prime Minister’s Questions – 27th Jan 2016 12:00 pmAt The House of Commons, The Palace of Westminster

Normal service resumed as Corbyn googles on tax with no search results

After an improvement last week Jeremy Corbyn resumed normal service with a dire performance as he was skewered again and again by David Cameron in the commons. It began with an announcement on a Holocaust Memorial Day and a new memorial to be built. Corbyn began by welcoming this, I’m sure Cameron could have scored some cheap points as a result but wisely decided against it. Corbyn for once went on the obvious subject of the week, the taxation deal with Google that Mr Corbyn claims has them paying a tax rate of 3%. Cameron was ready, this was tax that should have been collected by Labour, they didn’t, his Government has. He also stated details should be done by HMRC who are rightly independent. Cameron made clear he did dispute the figures, this answering the question, making Corbyn’s claim he didn’t answer in a response he wrote before listening, look pretty feeble.

Corbyn tried to invoke Boris Johnson’s comment that this was ‘derisory.’ In theory an attempt to sow the idea of division, but done with such low energy it was difficult to believe that even Corbyn had conviction in what he was saying. Cameron pointed out Google’s tax rate under Labour was 0% setting out a list of tax measures which has brought in over £100bn extra business taxes ‘Allowed under Labour, stopped by the Tories.’ He then attacked ‘New Labour’ advising if Corbyn wants to contact those responsible for Google paying nothing he could contact Tony Blair, Gordon Brown or Alaistair Darling ‘They are running to catch up but don’t have a leg to stand on.’

Corbyn stated the inquiries into Google were begun under Labour to derision from the Conservative benches. He then invoked his ‘people’ question, Jeff apparently asks if he can join a scheme to pay Google’s tax. ‘What does he say to Jeff?’ Corbyn demanded, He also calimed corporate tax receipts were down under the Tories, something Cameron corrected as untrue, then telling ‘Jeff’ he would be paying less tax under the Tories, unlike under Labour, more tax, more debt, more borrowing, etc. Cameron was in full flow. Corbyn’s economic policies lay exposed yet again. Cameron also managed to have a dig as Shadow Chancellor John McDonell started pointing. Those two cannot be trusted on anything Cameron went on. hammering the Labour frontbench on picketing, the Falklands and his migrant policy. ‘They only people they never stand up for is hard working tax payers’ Again and again, Cameron easily on top and in confident form

Corbyn tried to change tack and brought up the so called ‘bedroom tax’ asking Cameron to get rid of it. Cameron was ready again, pointing out it was unfair to private council tenants to do so and introducing it into the public sector was fair. He also pointed out getting rid would cost over £2 billion which would be paid for by ‘Jeff’ and everyone else in taxes, borrowing etc. Ouch, using Corbyn own failed policy against him, it seems almost cruel, but worked. The only trick Cameron missed was pointing out the Private sector element of this was introduced by Labour. Corbyn again read a clearly pre prepared line about Cameron not answering the questions, some weeks this would be fair that he doesn’t, but this week he answered every question which further exposed how weak Corbyn looked today.

Corbyn finished with a question about Yemen, a non controversial subject in which he clearly hoped to cut Cameron’s normal final flourish about Labour in general, it failed as Cameron had already done this today anyway and by moving to this territory at the end of an exchange in which he had been well beaten, felt like a give up play from Corbyn. Cameron even got a dig at Corbyn’s communications officer Seumus Milne by stating he would not run ‘Foreign policy by press briefing.’ An easy day in one of the most one sided exchanges so far where Cameron hammered Corbyn and ‘New Labour’ all at the same time.

Elsewhere Lib Dem leader Tim Farron was called to shouts of ‘Who?’ He asked about Britain joining the EU migrant programme. Cameron pointed out Britain had met their targets of housing migrants and this was more than the EU policy has in all of the other countries put together.  Not content with sweeping aside Corbyn and New Labour, his response saw off Mr Farron while he was at it.



David Cameron 4Jeremy Corbyn 0 – A near perfect performance from the PM, demolishing his opponent with ridiculous ease.







Moon Politics – Calamity Corbyn’s re-shuffle


So he had struck again. Jeremy Corbyn, arguably the worst leader in British political history (Although the argument against weakens by the day) has finally completed his ‘revenge re-shuffle.’ The idea is to take revenge on those who argued against him on Syria, even though it was supposed to be a free vote. If that is not insidious enough, the conduct of the re-shuffle went from bad to worse to worse still as it took a full two days for no real apparent reason. Being PM means taking tough, quick decisive decisions, Corbyn is clearly incapable of doing this.

So in the end what does it all mean? Maybe it actually doesn’t mean anything at all, given if Corbyn stays they will lose almost no matter what he does. But here are some conclusions and highlights anyway from this shambolic event.

  1. Corbyn chickened out of the big decision. The primary target of this re-shuffle was Hilary Benn after his brilliant speech regarding Syria. Brilliance of course is not acceptable in today’s modern Labour Party, this whole thing was primarily about him going, but he has stayed. Mr Corbyn’s Team have pathetically tried to defend this by claiming some deal has been done for him to be less dissenting, Benn has already denied this saying he has not been muzzled, whatever the truth, it is clearly as meaningful a deal as David Cameron’s EU negotiations.
  2. With Benn not going, shadow culture secretary, Michael Dugher was the man sacrificed as the Blairite offering to the Corbynite cult to pretend Corbyn is not actually a coward, and has done something decisive to eliminate those horrible Labour moderates who want Labour to win elections. Dugher has already hilariously updated his Twitter account to say he has been sacked for conducting ‘too much straight talking, honest politics.’ Ouch.
  3. Dugher’s sacking at shadow culture secretary allowed Corbyn to demote Maria Eagle out of fear she would oppose him on Trident. As a result she has been demoted to Culture. Something John McDonnell has tried to comically claim was Maria Eagle’s ‘Dream job’ One of the junior members of the team who resigned over her leaving and knows her well, Kevan Jones, has already rubbished this. Not that it needs it. Afterall, whose dream job is serving a dreadful political leader as the shadow on culture? Nobody, that’s who.
  4. The next move demonstrates Corbyn’s commitment to offending the English, who he seems to have forgotten he actually needs to win back as well as pursuing his hard-left policy of getting rid of the nuclear deterrent. With Eagle gone from defence enter Emily Thornberry, the woman who posted a picture of someone with an English flag flying and a white van outside the house insinuating this was a sinister thing to do. Even Ed Miliband had the good sense to be furious and almost certainly would have sacked her had she not resigned first. Only Jeremy Corbyn of course could bring her back. The other part of this of course, is it ensure an anti-Trident speaker will speak for Labour when that debate comes around.  The Eagle and Thornberry decisions further proves Corbyn cannot be trusted with British National security.
  5. Last but by no means least was the biggest shock of the re-shuffle. The removal of Shadow Europe minister Pat McFadden. Leaving aside the obvious point that removing your reasonably effective shadow Europe Minister at the point the Tories announce a free vote on the EU referendum is bonkers anyway, the reason for McFadden’s sacking reinforces the very, very worst of Corbyn. On this blog I have no problem using the words ‘Corbyn is a terrorist sympathiser’, all the evidence is there on countless fronts, but to reinforce it in a re-shuffle takes the cake. McFadden was sacked for ‘disloyalty’ which apparently refers to comments made after the Paris attacks that terrorists should not be able to blame Western policy for their sick actions. The Labour leadership have today confirmed this was the reason for his removal. Apparently we should accept that sick terrorist acts are the west’s fault according to this logic. and this appears to be Labour policy. As a result, McFadden had to go. Yes, really, for remarks that are pure sense to anyone with brain cells. The fact he had to go is a conclusion only a terrorist sympathier could possibly have drawn. That man is Jeremy Corbyn.