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News Digest – 7th January 2017 at 3.30pm

Telegraph Comment – Tim Stanley on why a Trump Presidency may be a very good thing

Daily Express – Marine Le Pen accuses the EU of a stitch up after they announced a fraud probe into the Front National

The Times – Tory donor Andrew Cook threatens to withdraw funding if the UK leaves the Single Market

Reuters – President Obama blames Bernie Sanders supporters for undermining Obamacare

Sky News – Theresa May pledges more support for Mental Health services

Heat Street – Changes to the Changing of the Guard in London after review coming from the Berlin attacks 

NBC News – Congress passes motion condemning the UN and it’s own President for anti Israel resolution

NBC News – Donald Trump backed Jane Timken becomes new Ohio Republican Chair

CBS News – President Obama approves four Guantanamo prisoners to be released to Saudi Arabia on 20th January as he leaves office.

Daily Telegraph – Donald Trump to return bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office



Moon Of Liberty News & Politics – News Digest 06th Jan 2017


News Digest 6th Jan

Order Order – Meet Sir Tim Barron, the new British EU Ambassador 

Washington Examiner – Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton attacks Wikileaks on contrast to remarks from Donald Trump

Daily Mail Comment – Peter Obone on the history the BBC forgets

Government website – UK Government announcement of £1bn of trade deals due to Theresa May’s recent trip to India

Bloomberg – US Prepublican debate on how to kill Obamacare without getting the blame.

Conservative Home – Andrew Grimson argues May should refuse to give Brexit plan details

Spectator comment – Tom Tugendhat argues Britian was wrong to back anti Israel UN Resolution

NBC News – Tennessee congresswoman learns doing your own Twitter polls can cause a problem.

Guardian – Vince Cable calls for the end of free movememnt, putting him at odds with Lb Dem policy

Spectator comment – Isabel Hardman argues Theresa May’s hero could be Clement Atlee

German Poll – ARD Poll puts Merkel’s CDU/CSU parties 17% ahead

BBC News – Russia starts reducing military in Syria after ceasefire agreement

BBC News – Jamie Oliver to close 6 shops, he blames Brexit costs

BBC News – Top economist calls overblown Brexit warnings the Bank of England’s ‘Michael Fish’ moment

Sky News – Joe Biden tells Donald Trump to ‘grow up’ over Russian hacking claims

Fox News – Top US diplomat warns of improving North Korean nuclear capability.