Moon of Liberty Newsround


Moon Of Liberty Newsround – on 07th August at 11.05 pm

The Times – Momentum activists take over Chris Leslie’s constituency of Nottingham East

CBS News – Trump defends national security adviser McMaster after calls for his sacking

NBC News – Piano that survived the Holocaust to be an exhibit in Israel museum

Moon of Liberty Opinion/Editorial – Energy markets and the Trump Administration – Kevin Alcock

NBC News – Vladimir Putin poses for the cameras while fishing on vacation

Spectator Opinion – Why Amber Rudd will likely get Ruth Davidson’s endorsement for any future Tory leadership contest – James Forsyth

Daily Telegraph – Kenya fears return to bloodshed with upcoming election

Sky News – Biggest earthquake in 30 years hits the Scottish Highlands

BBC News – Irish PM wants no barriers to free trade post Brexit

BBC News – North and South Korea to open talks

BBC News – National Trust U-Turn over LBGT badges

Moon Of Liberty/Winning at Politics – Local by elections round-up on a good night for Labour at UKIP’s expense

The Hill – FBI monitored social media on election day for fake news from Russia

Daily Mirror – Labour MP Chris Williamson rejects case to sanction Venezuela and attacks the US ‘shady record

Antisemitism UK – Labour selects by election candidate who has tweeted antismetic content

Conservative Home opinion – Being the workers party means being the party of low taxes – Rob Halfon MP

ABC News – John McCain says he believes he will be ready to go back to work in September

The Independent – Grand Jury set up to investigate president Trump’s links to Russia

Irish Times – Lobbyist says Republicans and Democrats need to work together if they want US immigration reform

The Australian – Australian Senator Hatch vows to block any same sex marriage referendum attempt



Moon Of Liberty Newsround – 15th January 2017


News Digest – 15th January 2017 @ 10.25 pm

The Guardian – UK Chancellor Phillip Hammond suggests UK could become a low tax haven if there is no single market access

Fox News – Nigel Farage on why Brexit and Donald Trump are winning

The Moon Of Liberty/Winning At Politics – Polling update from Survation & Opinium

Irish Times – Donald Trump may invite talk show hosts and bloggers to press conferences

Sky News – Education company co founded by Jeremy Hunt for sale for £35 million

Independent – Theresa May to say she is willing to leave the Single Market in upcoming Brexit speech

ABC News – 19 Democrat congressman to boycott Trump inauguration 

ABC News – Reince Priebus says it remains to be seen if Iran nuclear deal will hold

NBC News – US Supreme Court to take case that could affect the Washington Redskins name

Facebook Comment – Despite ‘humanitaria crisis’ people say the health service is improving – John Rentoul

Manchester Evening News – Son of late magician Paul Daniels arrested over cannabis factory

Telegraph – Inside newly liberated Mosul university, Islamic State still exist

Daily Express – Trump set for tense clash with Jean Claude Juncker over EU Army


Moon Of Liberty Newsround – 13th Jan 2017

Blue_Moon2News Digest 13th Jan 2017 @ 9.30 pm

Institute of Economic Affairs video – Jeremy Corbyn’s maximum wage ‘an absolutely terrible idea’

The Moon Of Liberty/Winning At Politics – Thursday’s local by election round up

Fox News – Rosie O’Donnell calls for martial law to stop Donald Trump’s inauguration

Bloomberg – Deutsche Bank says Brexit is driving up Berlin house prices

Sky News – Nationwide eyes £2.7bn sale of property arm assets

BBC News – Exorcist writer William Peter Blatty dies aged 89

Independent – Tristram Hunt is named new V&A director amid concerns they will start charging

NBC News – US Congress moves a step closer to repealing Obamacare

Irish Times – CIA prepares for unprecedented challenges that a Donald Trump Presidency could bring

London Evening Standard – Top public schools team up with Tottenham Hotspur FC to create a new sixth form

Order Order – The Daily Politics guide to Brexit

Independent – McDonalds to hand out thousands of free meals to the homeless

BBC News – MP Tristram Hunt resigns to become V&A museum director, forcing a by election in Stoke On Trent

Daily Express – Donald Trump predicts the end of the EU as aides ask which nations will be next to leave


Moon Of Liberty Polling – ICM Con lead by 16%



ICM – Con lead by 16% and poll projects a landslide majority of 164

ICM’s latest poll has electrified the prospect the new PM Theresa May could be increasingly tempted to call a snap election. The poll by the pollster whose final poll was closest to the correct result in the EU Referendum and has been the most accurate pollster in three out of the last four elections has given the Conservatives an enormous 16% lead over Labour. This would be a majority of over 100 even on Uniform National Swing.

The regional breakdown makes even worse reading for Labour. The Tory lead in England is 21% with a Tory lead in Wales as well. The Labour position is held up somewhat by slightly better figures in Scotland although with the SNP still polling 48% there it does not gain them any seats. The south & London region has a slightly lower swing suggesting Labour are still doing better in London, as well as the pollster traditional southern issue of trying to find a decent Tory sample in the South. Elsewhere it is carnage for Labour as would be set to lose a swathe of seats across the North and Midlands including all three seats in Stoke On Trent where they voted for Brexit big (One of these seats would be a UKIP Gain), and even Tony Blair’s old seat of Sedgefield could be under threat on these figures. Well known figures like Cat Smith and Vernon Coaker & Lillian Greenwood would also be under serious threat on these figures of not just losing, but losing big.

The regional breakdown has Labour down below 160 seats and the Tories winning a landslide majority of 164, above 400 seats, something Thatcher never did. Caveats of course, some local figures may hold on and this is only poll so far to suggest such an outcome is possible. In my Poll of polls the Tories increase their lead from 4.7% to 6.3%, this is aided by the fact BMG have not now reported for three months, a poll that was one of Labour’s better ones, thus while it will still show on the election figures page, it is not included in my poll of polls any longer until they report again. The poll of polls seat average sees the Tory projected majority up from 40 to 56. Again the BMG figures will still show on the page but will not be included in the average. All the latest figures can be found here. The figures for this ICM poll are below.



ICM 26/07/2016


Con 43% Lab 27% UKIP 13% LD 8% Green 4% – Con Lead 16%


Con 407 Lab 153 LD 10 SNP 55 Plaid Cymru 4 UKIP 2 Green 1 Northern Ireland 18

Con Majority 164