Moon of Liberty Newsround 04/01/2018


Moon Of Liberty Newsround Digest 04/01/2018

Political Betting – Keiran Pedley looks ahead to the US mid term elections in November & the current US political scene

The Moon Of Liberty – Editorial on the politics looking ahead to 2018 – Kevin Alcock

Arbuthnot Latham – Ruth Lea predicts cautious optimism for the UK economy in 2018

Daily Mail – Students could be cut from the UK immigration figures in proposed changes

The Sun – The RMT Union reportedly paid zero tax on a £5.1m profit

London Evening Standard – Leading pollster Lord Hayward predicts a difficult night for the Conservatives in May in the local elections across London

CNN – a clear Supermoon closed out the first day of 2018

BBC News – Boris Johnson says Foreign aid decisions will take British interests more into account in future.

Daily Telegraph – Rumours around the likely upcoming cabinet re-shuffle could see Theresa May promote a number of women into more high profile roles.

Daily Telegraph – Michael Gove to look at food labeling rules for Kosher and Halal meat

CNN – California to legislate on guns, tampons and diapers in 2018

CNN – Michelle Bachman to consider running as GOP candidate for Seanate seat in Minnesota

Digital Telegraph – Labour must stop trying to sabotage Brexit – Kate Hoey

Order Order – Corbyn supporting social media platform Navaro News is struck off Companies House

Reuters – Labour’s Shadow Education secretary Angela Rayner says Labour’s economic policy is a high risk gamble

Political Betting – PB editor Mike Smithson predicts the Tory v Labour polling deadlock will continue throughout 2018



Moon Of Liberty News & Politics – News Digest


News Digest – 09 Jan 2017 @ 5.00 pm

NBC News – Chinese Government moves to tackle ‘masculinity’ crisis

Daily Express – Czech President warns Muslim Migrants are creating ‘No Go Zones’

The Independent – UN visits Myanmar among concerns of genocide

The Sun – Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad says peace talks could lead to his resignation

ITV News – Donald Trump v Meryl Streep in war of words after Golden Globes – US House Speaker Paul Ryan says Trump won ‘Fair and square’ despite Russian hacking claims

Daily Mail Comment – Meryl Streep’s attack on Donald Trump was hypocrisy and fuels America’s divisions – Piers Morgan

Conservative Home Comment – The dream of home ownership should be open to all – Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi

Sky News – Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuiness to resign

ITV News – Donald Trump praises car company Fiat Chrysler

ABC News – Manhunt underway regarding Fort Lauderdale shootings, Florida Governer Rick Scott speaks about the incident

Heat Street – Celebrities too sad to party at Golden Globes because of Donald Trump’s win

Bloomberg – Boris Johnson tries to woo Donald Trump regarding Brexit

BBC 5 Live – Martin Lewis on how to keep your financial New Year resolutions

Independent Comment – Greedy FIFA will do irreparable damage to the World Cup with 48 Team plan – Ian Herbs


Moon Of Liberty News & Politics – News Digest


News Digest – 09 January 2017 @ 1.00 pm

London Evening Standard – London begins to grind to a halt as RMT strike begins

Daily Express – Backpacks & drones banned amid fear of ISIS attack on Inauguration Day

ABC News – Senator Lindsey Graham calls on Donald Trump to accept Russia did interfere in the election

Washington Journal – Professor Paul Gallucci discussed the North Korea nuclear threat

Daily Express – US vows to shoot down North Korean missiles – The Scremaing Eagles explains why he has bet on Diane Abbott as next Labour leader

NBC News – 300 US Marines to return to Helmand Province

ITV News – Theresa May rejects Red Cross claims that the NHS is in a state of Humantarian Crisis

ITV News – The Queen attends Sandringham service after heavy cold

Telegraph Comment – Steven Swinford wishes he could be a fly on the wall when Donald Trump meets Boris Johnson

INews Comment – Brexit is the tip of the Iceburg for Theresa May – Ian Birell

Order Order – Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign manager on the RMT picket line waving a red flag

Sky News – Theresa May pledges support for Mental Health support in the workplace




Moon Of Liberty Politics – Editorial


PM May’s impressive start

New Prime Minister Theresa May has made an impressive start to her Prime Ministerial career. Overall her Cabinet appointments were smart. The trio of Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis did much to reassure any doubt around Brexit. Setting up a department for International Trade also sent a clear signal, as no such department would be credible if we were not actually going to leave the EU. Phillip Hammond as Chancellor was smart as the markets will want a safe pair of hands. The appointments of Amber Rudd, Justine Greening, Liz Truss and Priti Patel, as well as the role for leadership Rivals Andrea Leadsom are all welcome.  The departures from the Government of George Osbourne, Michael Gove and Anna Soubry were deserved given their behaviour in recent times. I am sad to see Theresa Villiers and John Whittingdale go, but the overall the re-shuffle gets the thumbs up. May has also been impressive in her meetings with Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel, and also had time to wipe the floor with Jeremy Corbyn at PMQ’s  A strong start The Moon Of Liberty hopes will very much continue.

Labour’s woes continue

Something rather suggests that Labour MP’s did not resign on mass from the Shadow Cabinet and then give Jeremy Corbyn a vote of no confidence to emerge with a contest where the challenger is little know MP for Pontyprydd Owen Smith. Smith’s announcements so far include not ruling out a second Referendum on the deal, although I am unsure if he knows what this means or is aware an alternative of remaining in the EU on current terms is not an option by that point.He also want to re introduce a 50% tax rate which brings in less money for the treasury. So the alternative does not look good, it’s unlikely it will matter though as Corbyn is still likely to win again. What happens then is anybodies guess. Even in the unlikely event of Owen Smith winning however, the Tories must be confident they could beat him easily as policy wise he is confused in some areas and not much different from Corbyn anyway on the current evidence. The Moon Of Liberty will not back either man, and hopes neither ever become Prime Minister.

Trump heads left – The Moon Of Liberty endorses Johnson

Donald Trump is now officially the Republican nominee for President. He did not the the dream convention however, primary Rival Ted Cruz refuued to endorse him and his own speech moved him to the left. It is clear he is against free trade by suggesting he will want to re-negotiate the USA’s role in NAFTA and has refused to confirm he will continue Nato’s promise to protect all NATO’s members. He also still wants Mexico to pay for a wall. It’s clear a Trump America will be a more isolationist America, in stark contrast to the vision of the British people who voted to Leave the European Union in order to become an outward looking, global nation. I have long considered backing Trump as I have little time for the politics or personality of Hilary Clinton either. This speech puts that beyond the pale, many who but the media rhetoric will find this an odd thing to say, but Donald Trump is just too left wing for me. Therefore The Moon Of Liberty will be backing Gary Johnson, the Republican candidate despite the fact he has no realistic chance of winning.

Another attack in Munich – Time to end Free movement

Attacks appear to be coming common place in mainland Europe at the moment. There was Paris, Brussels , Nice and the rape attacks by Islamist extremists in Colonge which the German authorities disgracefully tried to cover up. Now we have a new attack in Munich, as I write it is still not confirmed if this is a far right group or another Islamist extreme group who carried this out. The pattern however is clear, they are feeding one off of another. Merkel did not help herself of course by encouraging Syrian migrants (of which many were not Syrian anyway) to come over and offer a virtual open door to Europe, the fact this has allowed Islamist extremists to enter Europe is beyond dispute and once in, the EU policies of free movement and open borders allows planning across boundaries to go on easily. The irony of course is this nonsense open door policy will be at the heart of the Brexit negotiation dispute. Let us hope by then the European political class will get the message and end this of their own accord. Border checks would make picking up suspicious activity and movements easier and may save some lives along the way. The European Union policies is a contributory factor to this problem, will they listen? If not, expect more to come if the EU continue to make it easy for the Terrorists to plan, and continue policies of destroying freedom that goes with the nation state, handing the anti-democratic, freedom hating ideology of both Islamic State and Far Right groups victories by default that will encourage them ever further.

Moon Politics – PMQ’s 27th Jan 2016 – Corbyn googles tax



Prime Minister’s Questions – 27th Jan 2016 12:00 pmAt The House of Commons, The Palace of Westminster

Normal service resumed as Corbyn googles on tax with no search results

After an improvement last week Jeremy Corbyn resumed normal service with a dire performance as he was skewered again and again by David Cameron in the commons. It began with an announcement on a Holocaust Memorial Day and a new memorial to be built. Corbyn began by welcoming this, I’m sure Cameron could have scored some cheap points as a result but wisely decided against it. Corbyn for once went on the obvious subject of the week, the taxation deal with Google that Mr Corbyn claims has them paying a tax rate of 3%. Cameron was ready, this was tax that should have been collected by Labour, they didn’t, his Government has. He also stated details should be done by HMRC who are rightly independent. Cameron made clear he did dispute the figures, this answering the question, making Corbyn’s claim he didn’t answer in a response he wrote before listening, look pretty feeble.

Corbyn tried to invoke Boris Johnson’s comment that this was ‘derisory.’ In theory an attempt to sow the idea of division, but done with such low energy it was difficult to believe that even Corbyn had conviction in what he was saying. Cameron pointed out Google’s tax rate under Labour was 0% setting out a list of tax measures which has brought in over £100bn extra business taxes ‘Allowed under Labour, stopped by the Tories.’ He then attacked ‘New Labour’ advising if Corbyn wants to contact those responsible for Google paying nothing he could contact Tony Blair, Gordon Brown or Alaistair Darling ‘They are running to catch up but don’t have a leg to stand on.’

Corbyn stated the inquiries into Google were begun under Labour to derision from the Conservative benches. He then invoked his ‘people’ question, Jeff apparently asks if he can join a scheme to pay Google’s tax. ‘What does he say to Jeff?’ Corbyn demanded, He also calimed corporate tax receipts were down under the Tories, something Cameron corrected as untrue, then telling ‘Jeff’ he would be paying less tax under the Tories, unlike under Labour, more tax, more debt, more borrowing, etc. Cameron was in full flow. Corbyn’s economic policies lay exposed yet again. Cameron also managed to have a dig as Shadow Chancellor John McDonell started pointing. Those two cannot be trusted on anything Cameron went on. hammering the Labour frontbench on picketing, the Falklands and his migrant policy. ‘They only people they never stand up for is hard working tax payers’ Again and again, Cameron easily on top and in confident form

Corbyn tried to change tack and brought up the so called ‘bedroom tax’ asking Cameron to get rid of it. Cameron was ready again, pointing out it was unfair to private council tenants to do so and introducing it into the public sector was fair. He also pointed out getting rid would cost over £2 billion which would be paid for by ‘Jeff’ and everyone else in taxes, borrowing etc. Ouch, using Corbyn own failed policy against him, it seems almost cruel, but worked. The only trick Cameron missed was pointing out the Private sector element of this was introduced by Labour. Corbyn again read a clearly pre prepared line about Cameron not answering the questions, some weeks this would be fair that he doesn’t, but this week he answered every question which further exposed how weak Corbyn looked today.

Corbyn finished with a question about Yemen, a non controversial subject in which he clearly hoped to cut Cameron’s normal final flourish about Labour in general, it failed as Cameron had already done this today anyway and by moving to this territory at the end of an exchange in which he had been well beaten, felt like a give up play from Corbyn. Cameron even got a dig at Corbyn’s communications officer Seumus Milne by stating he would not run ‘Foreign policy by press briefing.’ An easy day in one of the most one sided exchanges so far where Cameron hammered Corbyn and ‘New Labour’ all at the same time.

Elsewhere Lib Dem leader Tim Farron was called to shouts of ‘Who?’ He asked about Britain joining the EU migrant programme. Cameron pointed out Britain had met their targets of housing migrants and this was more than the EU policy has in all of the other countries put together.  Not content with sweeping aside Corbyn and New Labour, his response saw off Mr Farron while he was at it.



David Cameron 4Jeremy Corbyn 0 – A near perfect performance from the PM, demolishing his opponent with ridiculous ease.